Young Entrepreneurs Who Are Shaping the World

More and more young entrepreneurs are starting their own businesses these days. It seems as if the CEO’s are getting younger and younger. These young people are making their presence known in fashion, communication, technology. health, education, entertainment, and many more industries.

youth speaker Shalita Heard young entrepreneur

It’s important for the next generation of leaders to know that with the right idea paired with perseverance, they can very well be the next Fortune 500 CEO. There are many paths that can lead to having a successful business. Some begin in the home, others at school, some by way of college, and many begin with a simple idea to solve what seems to be a small problem.

I have collected a few articles that highlight some of the young entrepreneurs how are making their mark in the world. Hopefully this will serve as an eye opener and a bit of inspiration to the possibilities of our youth.


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