What the youth of today need to know

I have always had a passion for helping others. I have taken a special liking to helping the youth. I feel it is my duty to help mold the next generation of leaders. I consider that responsibility and honor. Here are a few things I feel the youth of today need to know:

* Never compromise who you are and what your purpose is in order to get ahead in life. Once you compromise who you are you start to lose parts of yourself. The further you move away from who you are, the harder it is to go back and find yourself once you come to realization that you’re lost. It’s nearly impossible for a person who’s lost their sense of self to the fulfill their purpose in life.

* Aggressively pursue your passions and always operate in the spirit of excellence. Give everything you do your very best. Be innovative. Be creative. Try new things. Be different.

* Embrace what makes you unique because that is what will set you aside from your peers and make you extraordinary.

I want to teach the next generation of entrepreneurs that they can live their dreams and accomplish great things no matter who supports them or does not, no matter who believes in them and who does not; they can achieve their dreams and fulfill their purpose in life and go on to become extremely successful.

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