Is Your Child Ready to Become an Entrepreneur?

Many entrepreneurs get their start at a very early age.  Some know exactly how they want to make their millions. Others spend years brainstorming several ideas before they find their golden ticket. There are also those who stumble upon a a great A-Ha by chance and the discovery is heard around the world.

Want to know if your child is the next young entrepreneur to make big waves in business?  I have created a brief survey to help you find out if your child has what it takes.  Before you get to the quiz, check out these young entrepreneurs who have launched their own successful businesses.  Hopefully their stories will give you not only ideas, but also the inspiration to help you support your young entrepreneur in their endeavors.

Youth business camp

Mo’s Bows

Moziah Bridges started his own hand crafted bow tie company at the age of 9.  He was inspired to start his tie business because he was not impressed with the dull selection of ties in the stores.  So, he took to his grandmother’s fabrics, and began to make his very own ties.  The rest?…you can call it history.

He has since gone on to be features in Oprah Forbes, GQ, & Vogue to name a few.  When I say few, I mean very few.  Mo’s Bows also took a swim in ABC’s Shark Tank were Moziah was seeking $50,000 in exchange for 20% of his company. Although he did not get the investment he was seeking, his bows have been known to hang around the necks of some pretty impressive necks.  Steve Harvey and POTUS Barack Obama to name two.

This young entrepreneur is making a bog mark in the fashion industry.  Stay tuned.  I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of him for a very long time.


youth business camp

Lizzie Marie

Does your child love food?  Here is a dose of sweet and healthy entrepreneurial inspiration.  Meet Lizzie Marie, creator of Lizzie Marie Cuisine.  She is a 14 year old vegan who has her own video series where she shows off her own healthy cooking tips and recipes for both kids and parents.  Her love for food and cooking began at home, due to the fact that her family is loaded with cooks. When she was a young girl, she would help her mom make homemade applesauce each winter.

Her entrepreneurial appetite has landed her seeking opportunities in schools, grants, and an appearance on Rachael Ray.

Lizzie found success in food, and maybe your young entrepreneur can too.


Youth business camp

Alex Parker

Could you imagine going from being an assistant on a reality TV show to being the CEO of one of the most successful internet marketing companies in the world by the age of 16? Well, meet Alex Parker.  He did just that.

At the age of 14, Alex became a publicist and assist on a reality tv show.  Then, he became the head internet marketer for a multi million dollar private jet company.  One would think those are great accomplishments for such a young man.  However, Alex took what he learned from each of these opportunities and launched his very own global internet marketing and web development firm based out of Michigan.

The first year he was in business, 2012, he set a goal to generate $200,000 in revenue.  He has since built his business to the point of expanding offices into the Chicago and New York areas.  If that is not impressive enough, Alex’s company also has a Gold Credibility rating with Dun & Bradstreeet. That horn is worth a toot.

Maybe your child has a knack for creating strategies and ideas that make complex things in business simple.  Alex’s story is one to surely motivate them to pursue that, and you to stand behind them 100%.

As mentioned earlier, here is the survey that will help you discover your young entrepreneur’s readiness to become an entrepreneur.


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