It’s Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dreams

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.
-Patrick Henry

Sometimes life happens, and we all don’t get to do what we want to do when, how and, where we want to do it.  That does not mean we should give up on or dreams.  It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, rich or poor, married, single, happy, sad,  internally free or some ways bound, your life will not be fulfilled until you heart is filled with the passion that comes from doing that one thing you always knew you should.

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Follow your dreams…

There are a few factors that may stop you from pursuing your dreams.  Has anyone ever told you that your seams where silly, stupid or weird? If so, this could affect your desire to move forward with them, especially if it comes from someone who is important to you.  In a perfect world, the people we expect to support us would do so at all times.  Unfortunately, the world we live in is not perfect, and people don’t always do as we think or feel they should.  With that being said, you should never allow the lack of support from someone else to prevent you from doing what is best for you and your own life.  Understand that sometimes you have to move forward on a solo mission to fulfill your own passions and desires.

This does not mean that those who do not show support are bad people.  They may simply not understand your vision.  It’s your vision, not theirs.  So, the only person who absolutely has to understand it is you.

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Has anything ever happened in your life that completely changed you plans?  Maybe you lost your job? Got divorced? Lost a loved one to death? Had to move suddenly? or maybe something big you had been waiting on did not come through?  These things have happened to many of us.  They often cause delays in the plans we have.  However, as the saying goes…Delayed does not mean denied.  Although these events occurred, and may have thrown your schedule off by weeks, months, years, or even decades, you still have time to get back on track and move forward with that vision you have for your life.

It’s one thing to be delayed and have to put things on hold.  It’s another thing to be distracted and find yourself doing something other that what you set out to do.  However, it’s detrimental to become discouraged and start believing that your dreams are not valid enough to be pursued in spite of circumstances that were beyond your control.

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Your dreams are valid.  No matter what happens in your life that throws you off course, you should find it in yourself to get up, move forward and do what you know you should.  Don’t let your dreams die in a grave with you at the end of your life.  They are given to you for a reason.  That reason is not to be carried around with you for all of your days as baggage, but to be shared with the world.  If you have a dream that has been delayed or placed on the back burner of life, let today be they day you pick it back up and start all over again.

If you need help getting things moving in the right direction, I am always here for support,

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Shalita Heard, Youth Motivational Speaker & Women’s Empowerment Advocate

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