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Youth Speaker, Shalita Heard

Speaking Topics:

  Excellence is not an option.  It’s a necessity. :



  • No matter where you come from you can achieve great things
  • The difference between excellence and perfection
  • How pressure creates excellence
  • The rewards of operating in the spirit of excellence
  • Activate your excellence starting right now


The 7 Laws of Leadership:



  • The power of influence
  • How to handle adversity
  • The secret to creating opportunity
  • Who to follow when & why
  • The importance of being proactive
  • Why timing means everything
  • How to choose the right circle

Sex, Drugs & Social Media:



  • How to overcome peer pressure
  • How social media influences reputation
  • Why privacy matters-where & how to share personal information online
  • What really happens to things you post online like comments, private messages, videos & pictures. (who really owns them)
  • The responsible way to live a great life, have tons of fun, and love every minute of it without regrets in the future.

How to Spot & Stop a Bully: